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Application of AC90 Frequency Converter in High Speed Slitter

AC90 frequency changer on high speed slitting machine application:

In recent years, China's paper industry and printing and packaging industry has achieved rapid development, facing unprecedented opportunities, but relative to the world's most advanced equipment, also faces enormous challenges. Production equipment production capacity is very powerful, but our products are basically in the low-end market. The main reason is to limit the technical conditions. At present, the use of magnetic powder brake on a lot of cutting machine unwinding and winding tension control, limiting device speed, but also a waste of energy, but also because of the life of the magnetic powder itself, leading to high failure rate of the situation.

AC90 tension control inverter, constant tension control, and can control the tension taper, winding layer, to ensure uniform shape, but also greatly improve the slitter running speed.

Slitter Introduction Slitter is a wide-format paper or film cut into a number of narrow-width materials, machinery and equipment, commonly used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery.

Slitting machine of the traditional control program is to use a large motor to drive the unwinding and rewinding of the shaft, telescopic reel in the magnetic powder clutch, by adjusting the magnetic clutch current to control its resistance to control the surface tension. High - speed Slitter

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are a special kind of automatic actuators that transmit torque by filling the magnetic gap in the working gap, and the magnetic field current can be changed to change the magnetic state, thereby regulating the transmission of torque. Can be used to synchronize the speed from the head synchronous, high-speed section for fine-tuning and small and medium-power speed control system. Also used to adjust the current method to adjust the torque to ensure that the tension during winding to maintain a constant open-book or rewinding tension control system.

Its main feature is the magnetic powder clutch as a resistance device, the system control, the output of a DC voltage to control the magnetic particle clutch resistance. The main advantage is that it is a passive device, tension can be controlled small. Its main disadvantage is that the speed can not be increased, high-speed operation can easily lead to high-speed friction of magnetic powder, high temperature, heat caused by electromagnetic clutch, and then shorten its life.