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KeSheng Machinery basic knowledge of the industry (1) Slitter main structure

KeSheng Machinery basic knowledge of the industry (1)

The main structure of slitter

Host part: mainly uses 5KW electrical machinery, uses the electronic velocity modulation system, when uses through the artificial adjustment machine speed.

Guide roller part: The whole machine adopts chrome-plated steel pipe, each through dynamic balancing treatment. Is widely used in luggage, daily necessities, protective equipment, bags, stationery, plastics, paper mills and other industries.

Winding part: 3-inch rewinding reel with magnetic powder tension controller winding, this machine slitting package side of the operation is simple, the maximum winding diameter of up to 600mm.

Rack parts: the use of thick steel plate welded into a solid, angular balance, so that the machine in high-speed working conditions stable.

Cutter part: knife can use industrial or flat blade knife blade (art blade), knife pitch can be adjusted to between 18mm-1600mm.

Unwinding part: unwinding with 3-inch inflatable reel, the largest unwinding diameter of up to 600mm, with a magnetic tension controller and automatic edge device.