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Tension control and equipment characteristics of slitter

Slitter is a large roll of paper, film, non-woven fabrics, aluminum foil, mica cut into small rolls of different widths of prepress and other thin materials, India equipment, commonly used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery.

Slitting machine of the traditional control program is to use a large motor to drive the unwinding of the shaft, in the telescopic reel with a magnetic clutch, by adjusting the current to control the resistance of the electromagnetic clutch to control the material surface tension. Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are a special kind of automatic actuators. They change the magnetic current by changing the magnetic state of the magnetic powder by adjusting the torque of the magnetic powder filled in the working gap, so as to adjust the transmission of the torque. Can be used for zero from the beginning to the synchronous speed of stepless speed regulation, high-speed section for fine-tuning and small and medium-power speed control system. Also used to adjust the current method to adjust the torque to ensure that the tension during winding to maintain a constant open-book or rewinding tension control system.

Tension control

Magnetic braking device Slitter Slitter Rewinding set, linked with transmission parts and air shafts to control the speed of unwinding by controlling the torque of the magnetic powder brake. According to the size of the whole roll material of the rewinding machine, the magnetic powder brake is selected. The common specifications of the magnetic powder brake are 12nm, 25nm, 50NM, 100NM, 200nm, 400Nm. Slitter magnetic brake is mainly to provide a balanced and stable torque, tension controller can be used to adjust the torque, so that the slitter of the volume of work and the entire action of the efficiency and quality can be improved.

The magnetic powder brake is precise and simple to control. It can prevent the material from being put in the slitting unit. The magnetic powder brake uses DC24V DC voltage, and can be cooled by natural cooling or forced cooling by the fan. In the installation, please keep the slitter magnetic brake on the horizontal axis and the surrounding environment can not be too wet.

Equipment features:

1. Centralized panel operation, IC control. The various parts of the machine focus on panel operation control.

2. Panel main functions: A. spindle speed adjustment B. winding length setting C. unwinding tension adjustment D. winding tension setting E. start. Stop button.

3. Cutter with round knife up and down. And can be replaced according to different cutting width under the pad, cutting width adjustment, in order to achieve high-quality cutting quality.

Use of the environment

Machine should be installed in the appropriate temperature, dry, ventilated, light is good, easily accessible.