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Requirements and Equipment of High - speed Slitter Operation

High-speed Slitter operation of the process requirements are as follows:

1. High-speed slitting machine to the entire volume or the entire raw material for a fixed length of the cutting process, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel, film, leather, wood chips, slitting, cutting control will be used in fixed length.

2 control is divided into fixed-length sub-section of the static and dynamic cutting two ways: in the set length to reach the quasi-stop, and then the static cut, cut and restart the operation; in the set length to reach, Signal slitting machine in the material movement process dynamic slitting.

3, fixed length cutting is the most important performance index cutting accuracy, consistency of product length.

4 cut length can be set continuously if the actual cutting length error, easy to set parameters by way of calibration.

High-speed Slitter Equipment:

1, the storage rack (only the second cut has): used to prepare for the material of the next roll was cut to prepare, you can shorten the auxiliary time (preparation → inspection → scheduled production → equipment core).

2, transport wood car: used to transport materials from the shelf rolling rolling machine.

3, uncoiler: for clamping the reel and the drive roll material volume, drive side and operation side to adjust the open-book volume of the left-shift right to facilitate the cutting edge.

4, roll diameter preset: for coil volume real-time volume diameter measurement, through the volume diameter of the main operation to adjust and control the speed of the machine and open-book tension.

5, plate-type roller: the first feed roller guide, call board to adjust to varying degrees to meet the needs of production.

6, guide roller: in the running process to guide the roller surface to convey aluminum foil but also to ensure the smoothness of the aluminum foil.

7, knife slot knife and suction system.

Slotting The knife holder is used in the cutting process to trim, suction system to reduce the pruning out, transfer to the packing room, waste disposal, and then packing in the packing room.

8, welding guide roller ultrasonic welding machine

Welding guide roller in the normal operation of the machine and the role of conveying roller (the surface used to convey aluminum foil but also to ensure the smoothness of aluminum foil), welding guide roller used to fix the aluminum foil, welding plate pressed on the guide roller Ultrasonic welding.

9, take-up shaft

Take-up shaft (76-axis / 150-axis) is based on production needs to install the die, the motor drive to connect take-up aluminum foil.

10, embossing roller

The platen roller is pressed against the machine and the take-up shaft foil acts, flattening and supporting the play. (The flattening roller convexity is adjusted according to production needs).

11, the console

Console with a touch screen display used to display some operating parameters and set parameters,

The console has a pressure regulator switch, a tension control switch and some other major operating buttons.

12, the hydraulic system

Hydraulic station into a high-pressure, low-working valve station is the machine for each cylinder pressure control.

13, power distribution room

Distribution room is mainly part of the electrical control cabinet cut (non-professionals to enter).