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The previous slitter is compared to the current slitter

Slitter is a wide-format paper or film cut into a number of narrow-width materials, mechanical equipment, commonly used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery.

Before the slitting electromagnetic clutch speed can not be high, due to run-time easily lead to high-speed friction magnetic powder, high temperature, shorten its service life, serious stuck, the machine running blocked to produce very serious consequences. A serious impact on productivity.

The traditional control scheme of the slitter is to use a large motor to drive the axis of the unwinding and unwinding. The magnetic powder clutch is added to the telescopic reel. The resistance of the magnetic clutch is controlled by adjusting the current of the magnetic clutch to control the tension of the material surface. Magnetic clutch and brake is a special kind of automatic actuator, which is through the gap filled with magnetic powder to transmit torque, change the magnetic current can change the magnetic state of magnetic powder, thus adjusting the transmission torque.

Can be used from zero to synchronous speed stepless speed regulation, for fine-tuning, low-power speed control system high-speed section. Also used to adjust the current method to adjust the torque to ensure that the tension during winding to maintain a constant open-book or rewinding tension control system.

The main advantage of the slitting machine is that the magnetic powder clutch is controlled as a resistance device system to output a DC voltage to control the magnetic clutches generated by the clutch. The main advantage is that it is a passive device that can control tension.

Disadvantages: speed is not high, high-speed operation is likely to cause high-speed magnetic friction, high temperature, resulting in magnetic clutch heat and thus shorten its life.

With the web tool having a certain width, the longitudinal cutting profile is cut into a number of narrower sub-roll devices. It is installed in a calender or extruder, after the glue and other battery devices, after the continuous cutting is completed, usually with a winding device. Available flat cutting edge knife and round knife.

Paper processing machinery Slitter Series: Paper Slitter, small paper cutting machine, Web Slitter, high-speed Slitter, etc.

Metal cutting machine: strip cutting machine, copper cutting machine, aluminum cutting machine, stainless steel slitting machine, tinplate cutting machine.