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Automatic slitter assembly model information

Automatic slitter assembly model information

Geometrical description includes geometrical and topological information of two aspects. Geometric information is information related to the geometric solid construction of the product. Topological information reflects the hierarchical relationship between product assembly and geometric fit between product assembly components.

Engineering semantic information, that is, the semantic information related to the application of automatic slitter product engineering. The functional categories include assembly element clustering grouping, mandatory priority relations, installation / dismantling, technical constraints and motion constraints, design parameter constraints and delivery Relations;

Assembly process information, that is, the process of product assembly / disassembly process and its related information, including assembly parts assembly sequence, assembly path, and intervention assembly tools, operation and exit information;

Assembly resource information, the main components of the system (including assembly equipment, assembly platforms, assembly tools, etc.) composition and control parameters;

Management information, refers to the product and its parts management information.

The main advantage of automatic slitter

In the design of the automatic slitter, there are many factors that enable the automatic slitter to fluctuate and change. The advantages are obvious, and its main advantages are as follows.

1, smooth operation: firm income paper reel, flat on both sides, low noise.

2, easy to operate: slit the paper after both sides of the smooth, burr-free.

3, strong adaptability: upper and lower knife can be adjusted between 2 - 1700mm width.

4, high yield: stand-alone volume for three volumes of machine use.