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Film slitter applicable scope and other characteristics of the introduction

Range Film Slitter:

Thin film slitting single-drive suture head was specifically combined with the development of the following lines of high-speed riding, the design:

Heidelberg Heidelberg Link

★ Beiren riding line

★ Duplo Du Bao with the set off the linkage line

★ Horizon good use (the horizon) with the folding line

★ Sapphire book binding binding machine

★ domestic, import all brands of semi-automatic machine tools and manual machine

Ease of use

Thin film slitter in normal use does not require special tools, wire length adjustment / adjustment of the left and right pins as long as the rotation of the knob on the set head, wire straightening has been adjusted at the factory, if they are easy to adjust . Which can greatly reduce the time will change based on the small batch of product variants, the use of the professional requirements are not high. All M2000 adjustments must be made with the aid of a tool.


M2000 from the side to install the first set, in the small format bookbinding demolition is very time-consuming, the line effortlessly,

Film slitter wire feeding device to use for the wire surface wire reliable and better protection. M2000 using ratchet mechanism, the wire will leave the concave part of the wire strength and not the United States.

Structural Design The structural design of the film slitting line ensures that the movement of the head is completely enclosed, which is safer, but also to ensure that the clean package inside the head, so head to the daily maintenance requirements to a minimum; The life of the nail head.

Raw material processing

Thin film slitter all parts are produced in Germany, the choice of raw materials, parts strength, manufacturing process, the precision parts than the M2000 is much higher, sophisticated processing technology to ensure product reliability and service life, it can be the highest speed To 14,000 sets / hour.

Minimum stitch spacing

The minimum stitch spacing of the film slitter is 43 mm, and the minimum stitch spacing of the M2000 is more than 50 mm.

Maximum binding thickness

The film slitter is combined to a maximum thickness of 6 mm, and the M2000 can only achieve a maximum bond of 4 mm.