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The structural characteristics of high - speed slitter

Slitter is a wide range of paper or film machinery that will be cut into many narrow materials, commonly used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery. The main feature of the cutting machine is the magnetic powder clutch as a resistance device system control to output a DC voltage to control the magnetic particle clutch resistance. The main advantage is that it is a passive device, the tension can be controlled small.

High-speed cutting machine through the improved structure of the roller knife; a steel forming, which is conducive to the stability of the tool - to reduce the body vibration, cut 50-80 g thin paper for better stability, the maximum cutting speed of 400 / Min, cutting high precision, paper and printing companies indispensable equipment.

Slitter features:

A. Programmable adjustment of the length of the edges and corners of paper, convenient and easy.

B. Push the button to adjust the paper rewind group electrically. hot key.

C. Laser identification color standard system, printing paper roll can detect color, symbol like cutting.

D. Precision cylindrical roller cutter, lightweight balance, drag reduction, eliminating paper floating, enhanced paper stability.

E. Perfect roll tension setting program, with the import of brake pads, knife accurate, reduce wrinkles.

In the present high-speed slitter is the quality of the hard material slitting, high-speed slitting machine has a wide range of applications, the application is also more convenient, high-speed slitter characteristics of use, so that users are very satisfied. The following Xiaobian to tell you about the characteristics of high-speed slitter.

High-speed slitter system operation is directly in the system interface to operate, easy to operate. In the course of the use of frequency control can be achieved, you can automatically adjust the material, the slitting film will not slip, correcting the use of synchronous motor, high precision ball screw, Jiate optical eye, slide linear bearings, travel 120mm , Automatic correction to make more accurate sub-cut flat. The waste side can be automatically cleaned.