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Slitting machine running

Slitter start-up operation:

1) static electricity will cause the control system to produce the cutting machine to produce the breakdown or even damage, opens the static eliminator. (Make sure the main power switch is turned on first)

2) Adjust the supply pressure to (0.5-0.6) Mpa

3) Move the mother roll to the unwinding section and use 3 or 6 taper. Adjust the height of the rack to the appropriate height according to the diameter of the mother roll and press up or down and visually measure the width of the master roll. To the appropriate width, the right film roll rotating cone top clutch knob clamping film roll.

4) Press the up or down button again to adjust to the appropriate height.

5) In accordance with the outline is expected to go through the film and hand-held position of the reel, the use of photoelectric switch positioning.

6) Move to the appropriate eye position and tighten the handwheel. (Adjusted to the position where the edge detection line or line can be detected) and press the automatic correction. (You can fine-tune the photoelectric eye)

7) Use the arm on the Discharge Operation Box to release the Reel Reel, and release the Reel. Will be used in the number and size of paper core put on the reel. Use the arm lock on the discharge box to close the take-up reel stand and the Scroll Lock key to close the auxiliary contact roller. (According to the different cutting width select the appropriate auxiliary contact pressure roller.

8) Install the blade, select the cutting mode, adjust the cutter position, use the infrared to the heart positioning system, correct the position of the paper core, in the core of the cutting adhesive film.

9) Make sure that the length of the encoder is close to the traction roller.

10) Confirm that the starting work has been completed, set the thickness of the film on the touch screen, winding tension, rewind length and other parameters, and use the fan switch to turn on the fan to import the scrap pipe.

11) to confirm the speed setting indication is 0, press the start button to confirm that there is no accidental use of the speed switch button to light up, and then use the knob to speed up the speed open.

12) Press the stop button, the reel and close drive rollers begin to decelerate and decelerate to stop. (When the winding diameter and length to reach the set value of winding and drive automatically slow down and stop)

13) very stop only at very moment can be used!